Henry Coleman is a artist and curator working in London

Coleman’s art works around the spaces of designed experience, bumping up against architecture, typography, signage and the decorative; re-framing and making obvious the established edges of the aesthetic conditions that shape and reflect the societies, spaces and images that we move through.

Drawing down on the historical material of social and visual momentum to illustrate and illuminate contemporary processes, the work is expressed through disparate forms and channels; large scale sculptural intervention, interviews, objects and print; pulling disparate elements together in a collision of place and image, history and information, sensation and knowledge to generate a disruptive and cohesive sculptural and conceptual body.

In 2016-17 Coleman co-curated Bloomberg SPACE’s Physical Information programme with Rupert Norfolk, a series of five exhibitions that explored how physical objects could generate alternative experiences in an increasingly abstract world, activate public imagination and orient social space. In 2020-21 he was a curator of public projects for the Brent Biennial ‘On the side of the future’ which included major installations by Rasheed Araeen and Imran Qureshi amongst others.

Artwork and projects have been  published in Dezeen, Creative Review, World of interiors, BD Online and the Architects Journal and he is the recipient of Arts Collecting Society Prize, Royal Academy Schools Sculpture prize and an awarded shortlist for the Arts Foundation Fellowship, “Art in the Urban Space”.